• Frontier 5306 Mini Ohaus Centrifuge

  • Frontier 5513 High Speed Micro Compact

  • Frontier 5706 Multi Ohaus Centrifuge

  • Frontier 5707 Multi Ohaus Centrifuge

  • Frontier 5515 Non and Refrigerated High Speed Microliter

  • Frontier 5000 Multi Pro Non and Refrigerated

Ohaus centrifuges available from Chembiz

With over 100 years of success in weighing products, now Ohaus is getting into more areas of laboratory products. Frontier Series centrifuges are ideal for a multitude of spin-down applications. Characterized by reliability, various safety features, the ability to accommodate test tubes of various sizes and intuitive operation, Frontier™ was built to meet the basic need for liquid separation in the life sciences.

Why Choose Ohaus

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