• Explorer Semi-Micro

    Readabilities from

    0,1mg to 0,01mg

  • Explorer EX Series

    Ohaus Analytical Balances

    Ohaus Precision Balances

  • Adventurer AX Series

    Ohaus Analytical Balances

    Ohaus Precision Balances

  • Pioneer PX Series

    Ohaus Semi Micro / Analytical / Precision Balances

  • Pioneer PR Series

    Ohaus Analytical Balances

    Ohaus Precision Balances

  • Scout STX Series

    Ohaus Touchscreen Portable Balance

  • Scout SKX Series

    Ohaus Precision Portable Balance

  • Navigator Series

    Portable Balance

  • CR Series Portable

    Ohaus Compass CR Series Portable

  • CX Series Portable

    Ohaus Compass CX Series Portable

  • Traveller Portable

    Ohaus Portable Balance

  • Moisture Balance

    Ohaus Moisture Balance MB90 / MB120

    Replaces MB35 / MB45

  • Moisture Analysers MB

    Ohaus Entry Level MB23 / MB25

Ohaus Balances available from Chembiz

For more than 100 years, OHAUS has been the brand of choice for customers who are looking for quality made, full-featured scales and balances at an economical price. Ever since the OHAUS Harvard Trip Balance set the standard by which the weighing industry would be measured, both Ohaus products and the OHAUS name have been recognized as among the most reliable in the business. Included in the broad range of Ohaus balances are Analytical Balances, Portable Balances, Precision or Top Pan Balances, Moisture Balances and Scales.

With Ohaus's vast experience in the design, development and marketing of scales and balances in the Laboratory, Industrial, Education, Retail, Food, Jewelry and specialty markets, OHAUS has earned its reputation as a trusted global supplier of precise, reliable and affordable products that meet virtually any weighing need.

Why Choose Ohaus Balances

Best Value in its Class Perfect Product to fulfill your Weighing Needs Highest Quality Standards Experience You Can Trust