• Filling & Sampling

    Safety during filling and sampling processes – EX protection products

  • Fill off Liquids

    Filling of Hazardous Liquids Safely

  • Liquid Sampling

    Industrial and Water Treatment Sampling

  • Pharma Sampling

    Samplers for Pharmaceutical Applications


Your laboratory instrumentation supplier and dedicated Ohaus Balance Distributor.

Chembiz was established to provide quality laboratory instrumentation and equipment to the scientific industry in South Africa. Chembiz has combined qaulity products with personalized service to ensure customers receive the best solution for their laboratory requirements. Service and support is the cornerstone of our business resulting in continued relationships and loyalty from our customers.

Chembiz is a dedicated Ohaus distributor in South Africa. Ohaus has been the choice of brand for customers looking for quality made, full-featured scales and balances at an economical price. Chembiz realises this need for quality products at economical pricing therefore continues to select Ohaus as the main product line with in the company.

Our Brands

Chembiz provides quality laboratory instrumentation, equipment and balances in South Africa. Here are a few brands we supply:

Ohaus Labcon JaincoLab Zwiebel Atago logos